Success of the Legambiente Toscana recycling forum in Prato

Last 24th November at the “Centri Pecci” in Prato took place the recycling forum, organized by Legambiente Toscana together with Tuscany Region, the Municipal District of Prato. More than 200 people
took part in the forum. The first partecipant in the forum was Simona Bonafè (member of the European Parliament). The second was the mayor Matteo Biffoni (also president of Anci Toscana) and then the
regional councillor in environment Federica Fratoni. The national scientific in charge Giorgio Zampetti proposed to break off the unendurable linear model in order to give welcome to the circular one, dedicated
to the technological innovation, research, and the planning of new (it’s better to say “recreated”) materials and products.

In order to do all these things, the installation of new facilities thanks to which can be possible to recycle materials is extremely important. 2017 was a crucial year for the circular economy. What is waste? What
are raw materials? These things must be cleared once and for all. A good plan for the future is to play down rejects.

Different enterprises are taking part in this initiative: let’s think about the “Buon fine” project by UniCoop Florence, which brings down every food waste. A great idea promoted by Gida is the reuse of purified
water. Astri promoted the pratese textile industry all over Italy, with the main concept of the circular economy. Dife is a leader enterprise in the center of Italy (Serravalle Pistoiese) for the recovery and the
recycling of unserviceale pneumatic.

Small and medium enterprises (SMEs), as well, work for this kind of new economy, such as Manifattura Maiano, that recycles and regenerates felts and paddings, really useful in bioarchitecture and footwear.
The scouting activity of Green Evo creates connections between business and research experiences, even very far from each other. The relationship between Prato and the Far East brings new licences and know-
how. The future is not only circular, but also bearer of new knowledge. Recycling also affects a rich industry like leather: Bisbag, an enterprise that produces cool bags and belts, attended the meeting. Last, but not
least, a very young (under 30) Start-Up: 4 guys from Prato from 20 to 23 years showed the Rifò project, born in Prato thanks to the relationship they have with workers from Vietnam. The main objective is to
redesign 100% regenerated clothes.

Source: Legambiente del-riciclo- legambiente-toscana- prato/


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  • bymartina Gambardella
    Posted 23 November 2019 18:01 0Likes

    Salve, sono una giovane volontaria Oxfam, che insieme al suo gruppo sta svolgendo un indagine su quanto il settore del tessile possa inquinare ed eventuali modi per aggirare questo problema. Lo scopo è quello di sensibilizzare in primis i giovani studenti tramite assemblee, per poi rivolgersi ad un pubblico più ampio con azioni locali. Ci farebbe molto piacere entrare in contatto con voi per l’aiuto che potreste fornire alla causa.
    Vi ringraziamo per il vostro tempo e ancora di più se ci fornirete un contatto al quale potremo rivolgerci se siete interessati.
    Cordiali saluti
    Martina Gambardella

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