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Information on the first textile materials recognition

The products supplied by the companies associated to ASTRI, which deal with second raw textile raw materials, are the result of a process of regeneration of pre-consumption textile by-products (fibrous material that comes from the process of dry and spring fraying, filandre, cimmose, cuttings of packaging, waste in general, etc.) and post-consumption (rags in general). As per ordinary industrial practice…

Building a brand marketing

ASTRI wants an official recognition of a trade on regenerated textile with its rules and regulations. Moreover, the society wants to build a Brand Marketing of a product made by regenerated, an important benefit for Prato’s textile industry. ASTRI is a chain that supports circular economy.

Education for young generations

ASTRI for its textile industries, is looking for resources that allow the training of the younger generation, for workers in the production cycle, who want to join the society to recover textile materials, that is what ASTRI does from the very beginning in Prato.

Certification of recycling process

ASTRI thinks that is extremely important to set up a certification of italian recycling process with admission to practice from enterprises that are involved in recycling. ASTRI recognizes the leading role of these enterprises, in fact with the admission to practice, the exchange of goods during manifacturing would be simiplified. Nowadays the DM 264/13th October 2016 means too much bureaucracy…

more than  200  enterprises jointed the project



Protection of the recycled textile and of the enterprises that play an important role in these operations.

Our job is to create a resource from what is thought to be waste by others, that is to increase the value of pratese textile industry.


Tons of recycled rags
Yarns exported abroad
Operations in Prato's textile district


To increase the value and give identity to the pratese textile industry

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“La normativa dice che tutto ciò he è riciclabile è rifiuto, noi andiamo contro questo slogan”

Simone Francioni

“Manca la consapevolezza chiara del valore e delle prospettive di questa storica produzione locale”

Fabrizio Tesi

“Dobbiamo unire le forze e valorizzare le enormi potenzialità del nostro distretto

Gabriele Innocenti

“Esiste un’alternativa al rifiuto ed è quello che Prato fa dal 1840, cioè il rigenerato.”

Sauro Guerri

“Il tessile ha l’economia circolare nel proprio DNA, è arrivato il momento dirlo al mondo”

Fabrizio Tesi


Last news
Success of the Legambiente Toscana recycling forum in Prato

Last 24th November at the “Centri Pecci” in Prato took place the recycling forum, organized by Legambiente Toscana together with Tuscany Region, the Municipal District of Prato. More than 200 people took part in the forum. The first partecipant in the forum was Simona Bonafè (member of the European Parliament). The second was the mayor Matteo Biffoni (also president of…

La Nazione – Astri ready for the challenge of the DOC regenerated

Prato is the world capital of the regenerated textiles. It is known by people who live in Prato and who knows a lot about textlies, but neither national nor european politicians understand it yet. From this potential the Italian Textile and Recycling Association (AsTRI) was born in Prato this 2nd August. It is a voluntary movement, born thanks to the…

Prato, already more than 100 enterprises in ASTRI

More than 100 enterprises joined ASTRI, born to give an identity to the pratese textile industry and to increase the value of what Prato has been doing since 1840, that is to produce regenerated textiles. 112 partners who, together with the mayor Matteo Biffoni and the representatives of trade associations, took part in the first meeting. “To join in ASTRI…

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