ASTRI wants to make clear the different meanings of waste and textile by-product.
Rubbish is the end of a material, which nobody wants to use anymore and must be destroyed (that’s what linear economy means), while textile by-product is a material that can be recycled and used again, in fact
there’s at least one user inerested in it (on the contary, that’s what circular economy means). ASTRI thinks that it’s better to name again textile by-products: M.P.T.S. (Raw Materials Second-hand Textiles – in
italian: Materia Prime Tessili Seconde).

MPTS are divided into:
– MPTS pre-industrial consumption: products as good as raw materials, but cheaper (ex. from Lana Tops to
Lana blousses);

– MPTS post-industrial consumption: working remainings that need sorting, cutting, washing, carbonization,
combing etc;

– MPTS transport. MPTS mustn’t be considered as waste.


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