Prato, already more than 100 enterprises in ASTRI

More than 100 enterprises joined ASTRI, born to give an identity to the pratese textile industry and to increase the value of what Prato has been doing since 1840, that is to produce regenerated textiles. 112
partners who, together with the mayor Matteo Biffoni and the representatives of trade associations, took part in the first meeting. “To join in ASTRI – explained the president Fabrizio Tesi – is not a choice, but a
necessity. The main words must be reduction, reuse, recycling. Prato is the world capital of the regenerated textiles, but not everybody knows it yet. Our industry is composed by many small enterprises, around
7.000, and it means more than 34.000 workers. Circular economy is in our DNA, important brands are interested in our products, it is necessary to go with the times and to show what Prato does, that is to turn
waste into resource”.

ASTRI is a voluntary movement, it doesn’t want to be in competition with other associations, but to cooperate with who works in the territory. Six are the founding members: Fabrizio Tesi, president
(Com.I.Stra firm); Sauro Guerri, vice-president (Lana Project); Simone Francioni, secretary (Francioni Fa); Gabriele Innocenti, treasurer (Filati Omega) and two advisors Riccardo Ciapini (Super Color) and Alessio
Beccani (Beccani e Vannucchi). Among working members, there are ferrymen, old rag-and- bone men, dealers, finishings, firm against third parties, wool mills and dyeing groups.

Today the prevalence is to re-examine a ministry rule, DM 264 13th October 2016: “It’s a very restrictive rule – said the vice-president Sauro Guerri – because every by-product is considered waste, but that’s not
true. Not everything turns into rubbish, there’s an alternative, and this is what Prato has been doing since 1840, that is the regenerated. Let’s go over this ministry rule together with ministry technicians”.

Regenerated textile brings many advantages, like energy and environmental savings. “We want to certificate our process – said the treasurer Gabriele Innocenti – to recycle, in fact, also means have raw
materials without buying them. Prato has facilities to make all over the world envious. We must work together and set off our industry”.

Written by Matteo Grazzini
For La Spola


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