Il Tirreno – Wool must be recycled. An association was born for this

The president Tesi and the vice-president Guerri: «We work on an endless fibre. Textile has the circular economy in its dna».

PRATO. Prato is the world capital of the regenerated textiles. It is known by people who live in Prato and who knows a lot about textlies, but neither national nor european politicians understand it yet. From this potential the Italian Textile and Recycled Association (AsTRI) was born in Prato the last 2nd August. It is a voluntary movement, born thanks to the willpower of some entrepreneur of the
textile industry, who made of the recycling and sustainability their strenght.

Six are the founding members: Fabrizio Tesi, president (Com.I.Stra firm); Sauro Guerri, vice-president (Lana Project); Simone Francioni, secretary (Francioni Fa); Gabriele Innocenti, treasurer (Filati Omega) and two
advisors Riccardo Ciapini (Super Color) and Alessio Beccani (Beccani e Vannucchi).

«The association was born because we want to set off the work that Prato has been doing for decades, that is to produce rgenerated textiles» – explains Tesi, the president – textile has the circular economy in its own
Dna, this is the moment to tell it to the whole world and let legislators understand that it is extremely important to reach an agreement for solving some bureucratic problems related to the matter. Moreover,
it is necessary to make clear what waste means: really often Prato is thought to be a bad management of the waste. Actually, the district has always contributed to its recycling”.

Regenerated textile brings many advantages, like energy and environmental savings; poisonous and chemical substances disposal. Textile waste, in fact, is selected, carbonized, cleaned and ripped. In this way
is possible to generate first woollen yarn and then the textile, with which clothes can be created without chemical substances. An operation which needs labour and new professions.

«Everything started during a meeting of the Laniera Association, Fabrizio and me are part of this association – adds the vice-president Guerri – wool is an endless product. The recycling of wool is an important job in
Prato, but in general it is often understimated».

«The society – says Guerri – wants to safeguard the past and to guarantee a bright future».

We don’t want to be in competition with other associations, on the contrary, we want to cooperate all together, once recycling becomes law, and give our contribution”.

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